Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christian Ethics

Have you ever wondered how we make ethical decisions, especially in a Christian context? Do we use the Bible as a rule book, or throw away rules and base it all our decisions on love, or perhaps we are pragmatic and think about results.. How do you make decisions?

Do you use the RULES route
or the MOTIVES route
or the RESULTS route?

From January the Ashendon Home group will be looking at an Introduction to Christian Ethics using material from ICES. These will be the topics:
 14th Jan- Week 1 Introduction to three routes of ethical decision making.
Moral Issue: Euthanasia.
28th Jan Week 2 – Using the Bible in Moral Decision Making.
Moral Issue: Abortion
11th Feb Week 3 – Natural Law: Theory and critics
Moral Issue: Birth Enhancement
25th Feb Week 4 – Human sexuality in God’s scheme
Moral Issue: Sexuality and Censorship
11th Mar Week 5 – The lesser evil principle
Moral Issue: Divorce and Remarriage
25th Mar Week 6 – Situation Ethics
Moral Issue: War

Contact Lesley Fellows to find out more.

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