Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Reflections

I love Christmas now so much more than I ever did before I was ordained. It is such a huge privilege to lead services at Christmas, exhausting, but magical. It is as if we bring the best humanity has to offer into church, beautiful poetry, music, singing, dresses, smiling faces, warm wishes, mulled wine, flowers, candles, minced pies and ourselves. And we celebrate life and hope and peace and love.
The highlight for me amongst so many lovely moments was the midnight mass. We used prayers from the Iona Community and we started in darkness with candles, and we dwelt upon Christ coming in to lighten our darkness. I was still buzzing with joy and wonder at 2am Christmas morning. I hope that buzz lasts all year. Let me end with a couple of the prayers we used:

Blessed are you, O Christmas Christ,
that your cradle was so low
that shepherds,
poorest and simplest of earthly folk,
could kneel beside it,
and look level-eyed into the face of God.

Follow, where the Spirit of Hope leads you.
Listen, as the Child of Peace cries to you.
Rejoice as the Love of God embraces you.
And go now, with Hope, Peace and Love in your hearts
and the blessing of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
be for ever with you.

ps I'd love to hear your Christmas experiences, post a comment :)

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