Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I was at a confirmation service on Sunday and I was surprised how emotional I found it.

The Bishop of Buckinghamshire, Alan Wilson (below), confirmed two of the people who attend Ludgershall Church, David Howden and Ellen Daly, who is our organist.

Reminded me again of how important Communion is to me, the symbol of the common cup and us all being part of the Body of Christ, it is mystical in a way nothing else is in my life.

Bishop Alan quoted a book called "The Blue Mountains of China" by Rudy Wiebe, which talked about the new society that David and Ellen were joining:

Jesus says in his society there is a new way to live:
you show wisdom, by trusting people;
you handle leadership, by serving;
you handle offenders, by forgiving;
you handle money, by sharing;
you handle enemies, by loving;
and you handle violence, by suffering.

In fact, she says, you have a new attitude toward everything, toward everybody - because this is a 
Jesus society, and you repent, not by feeling bad, but by thinking differently.”

(Wiebe, Rudy, The Blue Mountains of China, McClellan and Stewart, 1970.) 

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