Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Pray as you can, not as you can't

I promised to Blog a bit about some of the activities I do as a curate. Strangely prayer seems the most important. Not sure what to write, but I would like to start a discussion about what prayer is...

It is really only in the past few months and years that prayer has started working for me. Before that it was a guilt inducing thing that I felt I should do more but rarely felt in the mood, and then the experience itself could be wonderful or could be awful.

Not sure whether what I do would even be described as prayer by some, but I spend an hour or so meditating before I go to bed. I use some of the words suggested in the Sacred Space Website, becoming still and reviewing the day, it is based on Ignatian prayer. Often in this time I find resentments, things I need to ask forgiveness for, passions, a sense of God holding me. I then pray for people, for those I love, for those I am finding difficult and for the parishes and the people, especially those in need. I like doing this, I feel it changes me and not them, but it seems right somehow and part of being a priest, although I think we are all called to pray for others (obviously). I then read a passage of the Bible and meditate on how that made me feel (if I haven't fallen asleep by this point).

In the morning I read/listen to the prayer sites that I have listed on this Blog:

Prayer Sites

And that is about it, other than a sense of nearness to God at other times. I would be interested in your thoughts about prayer.

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