Saturday, 16 January 2010

First Aid Day at Brill Church

If you went to Brill Church today you were in for a big surprise. For today was the day when we had our first aid training. It was a superb day, I learned so much that I never realised I didn't know! I would heartily recommend that everyone does a First Aid training day, to answer questions like 'what if someone has a stroke?', or 'what if someone chokes on a boiled sweet in the middle of my boring sermon?' Well if that does happen to you in the Bernwode Benefice you can be assured that all the clergy know how to treat you:

You'll notice that the patient isn't looking too good. Apparently she was out on the town last night and got completely legless, but we were assured that she is 'armless. There was an immense amount to learn, but I think much of the advice has been simplified over the years and we felt reasonably confident with simple instructions backed up with may favourite - PowerPoint slides :)

If you are wondering what DRAB means it is:
D - danger - is the same thing going to happen to me?
R - response - 'HELLO - can you hear me?'
A - airway - tip the head back to allow..
B - breathing - are they? yes - the put in the recovery position, no - do CPR.
Our Instructor - Tim Allen comes from Oakley and was very patient with us, the most difficult bit was trying to get the air in Annie:

In addition to doing these courses, Tim volunteers as a 'Community First Responder', which is part of the Ambulance Service. The average Ambulance response time is 8 minutes for a person unconscious and not breathing. This is more than met within the towns, but in villages like Brill the response time is more like 20minutes. However, when a call is made to the Ambulance Service, if there is a Community First Responder available, he or she will be called to the scene and will arrive much sooner than the ambulance, with expertise and equipment to save lives. We have Tim in Oakley and another person in Ludgershall but more people are needed for this vital job. If you know anyone who may be interested please contact the Ambulance service on the number or email on the poster below:

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