Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sermons - can you believe this?

A recent survey reported in the Times said that 96.6% of people looked forwards to the sermon during a church service. Now the type of sermon and length required depended upon denomination:

Roman Catholics want to be educated rather than challenged
Baptists want to be converted
Anglicans want to be entertained
Independent Evangelical Church members want to be challenged and encouraged

Baptists and Catholics are more keen on the Bible being mentioned than Anglicans and Methodists

Anglicans want 10 mins although can stomach up to 20 if there is no waffle
Catholics, definitely less than 10 mins
Some Baptists up to 75 mins

This made me laugh a lot. I am definitely an Anglican, I want to be entertained, not too fussed about the Bible and ten minutes is enough unless you are particularly interesting :)


  1. The question is not what you want to receive, but what you give. Are you telling us that you preach entertainingly for less than ten minutes without too many biblical references?

  2. Mmm.. think I need others to tell me that!