Saturday, 23 January 2010


On Sunday I was at Chilton and I was struck by how beautiful the building is. What also struck me was that the pews were polished, the flowers arranged, the Altar linen clean, the floor swept. Who does these things? I should know, but I don't know. Possibly people who don't worship on a Sunday but serve their community in this way.

In the photograph above there is Norma, who faithfully sets up before the services and Wynn who plays the organ for us at many services. So many people give their time and talents to keep the seven churches in the Benefice looking so beautiful and acting as places of worship.

I took these pictures, fearful that it would only be the three of us. Chilton is a small place and some of the regulars were away. In fact we had 15 people, which is a large number on a Sunday for this church, and the reason was that we had many people travel from other villages in the Benefice, from Brill and from Wotton Underwood. It makes such a difference when people are willing to worship in other villages, so thank-you to you too.

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