Friday, 12 February 2010

Don't try this at home

A happy-clappy Vicar and Curate from Reform are in trouble just for telling women to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS! Angus MacLeay (left), the rector of St Nicholas Church in Sevenoaks, Kent, issued a leaflet to his congregation saying that women should 'not speak' if questions could be answered by their husbands. Dozens of offended female parishioners have this week cancelled their direct debit subscriptions to the church in protest at the pair's remarks.This is TYPICAL of females in happy-clappy chapels! They will not submit to men and KEEP THEIR GOBS SHUT! One female member of the church says "I will not be going back to that church and will have to seriously consider my faith if this is the nonsense they are spouting now." This SILLY WOMAN seems not to realise she is undermining the whole happy-clappy faith. (The whole of Sydney Diocese would collapse if women were allowed to speak!) 'What kind of medieval sermon is that - we are not in the 15th century. I have already cancelled by direct debit to the church.' says a rebellious female. Reform is the leading evangelical organisation to ensure the Church of England hurtles backwards to the 16th Century. Angus MacLeay should be PROUD of himself! - though we feel a bit sorry for his wife being married to a fruitcake. SHUT YOUR BIG FEMALE GOB, Mrs MacLeay! You're driving your superior husband off his bible-believing rocker!

**from a very funny blog called Unthinking Anglicans, see here

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  1. these are all lies, the press made up this story, he never said women should shut up. women also did not leave the church.