Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Prize for the most local local in the Bernwode Benefice

What is the prize? I dunno, probably a box of Chocolates in lieu of next year's Christmas present.. but on with the business.. Now I think we need someone in the age range 40-65, because older people were less likely to go very far, less likely to go away to college etc, so they are excluded, and younger people under 40 haven't hopefully lived half their lives yet so the fact that they are still local is less significant. Local in this definition is merely about which houses one has lived in and how far apart the houses are that they have lived in.

Top three so far are:
1. Jenny Edmans - all her life in Cold Harbour Farm and cottage??? (Btw are these your sheep Jenny?)
2. Estelle Fisher - moved across the road and then back again.
3. Valerie Evans - Piddington, Ludgershall, Brill and now somewhere in between the three houses..

More nominations are required..

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