Thursday, 25 March 2010

Poem about Jonah

I am doing an assembly on Jonah today and found this poem and modified it a bit:
The Lord God spoke to Jonah
And issued a command,
‘I want you to go to Nineveh
A very wicked land.’
But Jonah did not want to go
And argued, ‘Why must it be me?’
So he joined a ship and paid his fare
And set sail out to sea.
But the wind howled
And the sea tossed
And the sailors all felt sick!
And Jonah cried, ‘It’s all my fault.
Throw me overboard. Be quick!’
And the wind calmed,
And the storm stopped,
But poor old Jonah
He popped,
Scared and pale,
Into the jaws of a whale!
The boat he left
Now would not sink,
And Jonah he had time to think
About his wicked ways,
For three whole nights and days.
Then Jonah said, ‘I’m sorry.’
God said, ‘I understand.’
And he ordered the whale to cough Jonah up
And place him alive on dry land.
Now Jonah went to Nineveh,
Told the people to stop being bad.
They did, and said they were sorry.
God forgave them and stopped feeling mad.
Jonah was fed up that they repented
And sat sulking under a tree
By the morning the tree had withered
And Jonah had sunburn on his knee

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