Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chilton Thanks

On Thursday evening at Townhill in Chilton the PCC and clergy came together to give a heartfelt thanks to three members of the congregation who have served the church fathfully for many, many years.  Peggy Beard has been doing beautiful flower arrangements for over fifty years.  Lyn Clarke has also helped with the flowers and has been instrumental in organising choirs and silver bands to come and play and sing at the annual church carol service and George Baker  has opened and locked the church door every day for over fifteen years.  It was calculated that George will have walked up and down that steep church path some 8000 times!!  It was also noted that the combined ages of the three was over 240 years.  Wow! 
Best wishes to Bob abd Lyn Clarke as they prepare to move from Easington , down the hill to Long Crendon. We hope that we will still see them at times in Chilton Church.

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