Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Alpha has been one of the most interesting and fun things I have done since coming to the Bernwode Benefice. It is an open and friendly discussion about faith, good for anyone who would like to explore issues to do with Christianity. We have just completed the fourth course and are going to start the fifth in the new year, it will be held in the URC church in Brill on Tuesday mornings. Here is the timetable:

19th Jan    Week 1 Who is Jesus?

26th Jan    Week 2 Why did Jesus Die?

2nd Feb
     Week 3 How can we have Faith?

9th Feb      Week 4 Why and how do I Pray?

20th Feb    Away Day

23rd Feb    Week 5 Why and how should I read the Bible?

9th Mar      Week 6 How does God Guide us?

16th Mar    Week 7 What about the Church?

at 10.30am at the URC Chapel, Brill

If you are interested contact Lesley

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