Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day in the life of a Curate

I have been asked to explain what Vicars and trainee Vicars (Curates) like me do. There is much puzzlement what happens the other six days of the week. Problem is it is so varied, no one day is like another. But today I did the following:

Wrote two sermons,
Confirmed that we had people to read the lessons and do prayers at the Christmas services,
Tried to find a speaker for an upcoming environmental conference,
Tried to get some photos for our website of people in the Benefice,
Got the Blogs working better with the website using a new app,
Listened to a Radio Station when a curate friend was DJing for an hour, talking about faith.

Looking at the list I think I will post separately the more interesting of these activities

PS this isn't a snowman we made today, but we did put the tree up and decorate it today :)

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