Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Jesus wept

Craig taking me to the funeral in his 4x4

I was snowed in today and so the funeral director kindly offered to pick me up and take me to the crematorium. The funeral was so sad. At most funerals I find myself choking back the tears at some point, but this was the first one where I had tears flowing down my face. It was the tribute that got to me. And then I preached the sermon. In it was the phrase:
We weep, just as Jesus himself wept at the death of his friend Lazarus. 
And I know it was me who wrote the sermon and furthermore I had read it through several times, but it was only as I stood there with wet eyes in a room with others weeping that I realised God really does weep with us, that is how close God is to us, that is how much God cares.

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