Friday, 16 July 2010

Martha's Meditation

I’m in the kitchen
It has been a normal sort-of day
Now drawing to a close
Highs and Lows
Things achieved and
Things left undone.

I can hear the sheep on the hillside
The smells of supper cooking
Greetings in doorways as workers come home
Then I hear Galilean accents
Familiar strangers
The sound of footsteps on the path

Jesus is here     -     unexpected
-          uninvited
-          what a surprise
-          with all his disciples!

Jesus is here     -     our honoured guest
-          our dearest friend
-          our wise teacher
-          our window into heaven.

There is so much to do
– bread to bake
-          meat to cook
-     shopping to collect          
There is so much to do
-     emails to respond to                 
-          presents to buy
-     lawns to mow   and what about the washing?

The busyness is like a tired cliché
I’m irritated by those who tell me to stop
I’ll stop when the work is done
I just need to write a list
Work as hard as I can
Keep going as long as I can
Then I will get to the end of my list.

But why do I have do all the work?
Someone could help me.
Someone should help me.

What about Mary?
                                    - she hasn’t helped me
                                    - she is sitting with the men
                                    - she is having a good time
                                    - I want to be where she is.

What about Mary?
                                    - Jesus is talking to her.
                                    - He smiles at her
                                    - He listens to her
                                    - Does he love her more than me?

Lord, don’t you care?
Don’t you care that my sister has left me
to do all the work by myself?
Tell her to come and help me!”

Years of pain and jealously flow out
Like hot tears on my face.
Insecurity and unworthiness
Bubble up unexpectedly.
Even to my ears
I hear childish self-pity.

Jesus is listening to me:
 “Martha, Martha!
You are worried and troubled over so many things,

Jesus is talking to me:
just one thing is needed.
Mary has chosen the right thing,
and it will not be taken away from her.

Jesus is smiling at me and
beckons me to sit next to him
Mary has chosen
And I can choose too
I sit down next to Jesus
And he puts his arm around me.

Jesus carries on talking to his friends
I am just enjoying being still with him.
As I sit there the clamour of my pain fades
The clatter of my self-pity disappears
The noise of my list of jobs grows silent
Lord help me to choose the right thing.

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