Thursday, 15 July 2010

War and Peace

Well this is definitely the peace bit, sitting on the Smetten's patio, drinking wine and looking at the view. A lovely end to the year at the Ashendon Home Group. We have finished our ethics course, but the last session was very interesting, thinking about the Christian response to War and Peace. Just a little snippet is below:

Principle 1: It is right to fight against injustice (see virtually all the prophets - but is there any hint of 'going to war?')

Principle 2: The kingdom of the Prince of Peace cannot be won with the weapons of this world (Matthew 5:38-48)

Principle 3: It is good to give one's life for others (John 15:13)

Principle 4: God has used war to fight injustice (Ex 15:3, Ps 144:1)

We meet again in September. Please contact Lesley or visit the website if you would like more information.

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